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UCIE believes that it is a nursery of entrepreneurship in the region. In order to institutionalize the concept of entrepreneurship, apart from regular activities related to evangelism a 2 credit Venture Ideation program across the University for all undergraduate students has been institutionalized. Through this building block a number of students have started showing interest in starting their own ventures.


Course Objectives


1.      To help the students understand what it takes to be an Entrepreneur 

2.      To enable students to find the right business opportunity

3.      To empower students to do a technical feasibility study and thereby developing a prototype

4.      To help students in identifying their customers using primary and secondary research methods.

5.      To expose students various factors of market and competition with the help of market feasibility study, forecasting techniques, business model canvass and insights about financial statements.

6.      To equip students with finalizing their entrepreneurial Portfolio

As a pilot project in academic year 2016-17; 532 students were taught Venture Ideation though online platform. In academic session 2017-18 a total of 751 students were taught Venture Ideation in the second phase of Pilot Project. In the 2018-19 academic year; UCIE would be educating 2936 young students the basic concepts of Entrepreneurship through online courses.

Source: Learning the Ropes